Affiliating to GTAC is easy. All your local needs to do is:

1. Pass a motion to affiliate at your local General Membership Meeting.

SAMPLE MOTION: Affiliating to the Greater Toronto Area Council

That Local (insert your local number) affiliate to OPSEU’s Greater Toronto Area Council effective immediately.

2. Elect or appoint your local’s GTAC delegates and send the names to GTAC

Each local that affiliates to the Area Council can elect or appoint delegates and alternates based on the OPSEU convention formula:

Up to 150 members = 1 delegate
151 to 300 members = 2 delegates
301 to 500 members = 3 delegates
501 to 800 members = 4 delegates
801 to 1100 Members 5 delegates
1101 to 1500 Members 6 delegates
1501 to 1900 Members 7 delegates
1901 to 2300 Members 8 delegates
2301 or more Members 9 delegates

Only delegates (or alternates) from affiliated locals can vote at GTAC meetings, but other activists are welcome to attend meetings and take part in our discussions.

3. Pay your GTAC dues. We will send you a receipt you can use to claim a refund from OPSEU.

GTAC receives no funds from the central union, so to help pay for its meetings and activities, affiliated locals are required to pay annual area council dues. Under GTAC’s dues formula, affiliated locals pay dues equal to 1.3% of the local dues rebate they receive from OPSEU. Under OPSEU policy, the central union will reimburse locals for 90% of their area council dues, to a maximum of $0.15/per member per quarter ($0.60 per member per year).

Please send an email to our treasurer, Luisa, to get started.

To calculate your dues click here.

Here is the formula to used calculate a local’s annual dues:

Quarterly Dues Rebate from OPSEUx4 (number of quarters)x1.3% (GTAC dues rate)= Your Local’s GTAC Dues

4. Get involved by coming to meetings and participating in GTAC activities.

We’re looking forward to working with you to build a stronger OPSEU!