GTAC is committed to building a powerful OPSEU that is based on shared values and strong member engagement, is democratic and effective, and works to actively challenge inequality in the workplace and society.

Our delegates are members of OPSEU – proud public sector workers and activists. We work to improve our union, our workplaces and our communities.

Who We Are and What We Do

Article 22 of the OPSEU Constitution gives locals within an area the right to join an Area Council for the purpose of “coordinat[ing] Union activities on a regional basis in such matters as political action, community involvement, social issues, participation in or co-operation with labour councils, education, and public relations.”

In OPSEU Region 5 (Toronto), approximately 35 locals are currently affiliated with the Greater Toronto Area Council (GTAC). GTAC provides a forum for local activists to network on issues faced by OPSEU locals and their members, the union as a whole, and the broader labour movement. The area council also provides a framework for locals and activists to work together on common issues and campaigns. These can include educational work, mobilizing and solidarity campaigns to advance the interests of locals and the union as a whole.

GTAC regularly publicizes and promotes important union events to affiliated locals and other OPSEU activists. GTAC has also recently formed a flying squad to provide more focus to our efforts to mobilize support for labour rallies, information pickets and picket lines and other events.

GTAC’s Monthly Meetings

The area council holds monthly general membership meetings (10 meetings/year). Meetings usually include an educational presentation on a key issue facing OPSEU and the labour movement, bargaining and mobilizing reports, and reports from our OPSEU executive board members.

Monthly meetings are held at OPSEU’s Toronto Regional Office at 31 Wellesley St. East on Wednesdays, starting at 6 p.m. Meetings are usually attended by 40 to 60 local delegates, guests and other OPSEU activists. Please note! We’re pivoting to an online format for now, so that we can continue to meet in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit our Facebook page for up-to-date meeting and event details.

GTAC’s elected executive also meets on a monthly basis. As well, the council or executive can form subcommittees that meet more or less often as needed.

Local Delegates to GTAC

Each local that affiliates to the Area Council can elect or appoint delegates and alternates based on the OPSEU convention formula:

Up to 150 members = 1 delegate
151 to 300 members = 2 delegates
301 to 500 members = 3 delegates
501 to 800 members = 4 delegates
801 to 1100 Members 5 delegates
1101 to 1500 Members 6 delegates
1501 to 1900 Members 7 delegates
1901 to 2300 Members 8 delegates
2301 or more Members 9 delegates

Only delegates (or alternates) from affiliated locals can vote at GTAC meetings, but other activists are welcome to attend meetings and take part in our discussions.

Paying the Bills – Local GTAC Dues

GTAC receives no funds from the central union, so to help pay for its meetings and activities, affiliated locals are required to pay annual area council dues. Under GTAC’s dues formula, affiliated locals pay dues equal to 1.3% of the local dues rebate they receive from OPSEU. Under OPSEU policy, the central union will reimburse locals for 90% of their area council dues, to a maximum of $0.15/per member per quarter ($0.60 per member per year).

Here is the formula to calculate your local’s annual dues:

Quarterly Dues Rebate from OPSEUx4 (number of quarters)x1.3% (GTAC dues rate)= Your Local’s GTAC Dues

The following table shows examples of the 2015 GTAC dues for locals of different sizes for the full year. The table also shows the amount of those dues that OPSEU will refund to the local, the net dues paid by the local (after the refund) and the net cost per member. If your local affiliates partway through the year, your first year’s dues will be pro-rated.

Sample 2015 GTAC Dues – By Local Size

MembersAnnual Local Dues RebateGTAC DuesRefund from OPSEULocal Cost to AffiliateCost Per Member

*Note: your local’s actual dues will be calculated based on your local dues rebate from OPSEU.